Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gluten-Free Goodness

Today as I headed north on Florida Ave, feelings of excitement replaced the usual feelings of annoyance that accompany the drive.  Seminole Heights is always the center of "up and coming" talk, but it's difficult to witness the follow through as it's not on a route often traveled.  But as I looked for 6605, I noticed more than increasing numbers on abandoned buildings, I noticed new storefronts.

The ideals of New Urbanism are ingrained in my being (another big thanks to Tammy).  And a good storefront, as nerdy as it may seem, makes me giddy.  Don't worry, I can type and push up my theoretical nerd glasses simultaneously.  But back to the point, North Florida is on the path to being...  hip?  As I opened the door and entered Viitals Bakery & Cafe, that thought was no longer a question.  North Florida is, in fact, on the path to being hip.

I was immediately drawn to the heart-shaped cookies, but refrained.  Well, for a moment.  My lunch date was running late and my belly was raging with hunger, so I ordered one and took a seat.  "You know, I like to heat those up in the toaster oven for 30 seconds, it makes them really -- ".  Sold!  I bet she's never seen a girl in a high waisted skirt and ballet flats run so fast with cookie in hand.  And 90 seconds later, the cookie was heated, delicious as promised, and gone.

We ordered the Sophisticated Panini and the Caprese Sandwich - both beyond satisfying.  I couldn't wait to get back to the office and tell my Heights friends about the new hot spot in their hood.

P.S.  Viitals now makes gluten-free pizza crust for Gourmet Pizza Company and that pretty much makes me do kartwheels on the inside!

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