Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olive Juice (I Love You)

If it were possible for one week to be longer than another, I would say this week is the longest in history.  It could be that this week is sandwiched between Superbowl Sunday and my much awaited trip to DC.  Or maybe time is following the lead of winter storms and defying scientific reason and history all the same.

With that said, my Wednesday night was a progression of running Bayshore and dinner, to running Bayshore and dinner and red wine, to running Bayshore and dinner and dirty martinis.  And although this site is typically focused on the healthy approach, a mid-slowest week ever-martini IS fashion meeting function.

A "good" dirty martini has always seemed like an impossible homemade task.  And finding a good dirty martini at a place that serves blue cheese stuffed olives is luck just short of winning the lottery.

It turns out that my dirty martini can kick a restaurant martini's butt.  It also turns out, a good homemade dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives is comparable to winning the lottery as you save approximately 10 bucks per drink!

Martini - Dirty and Good:
Fresh Blue Cheese
Spanish Olives sans Pimentos, the bigger the better
Ketel One Vodka


  1. Wow! That sounds amazing - I must try it! Though it will be with some Bombay Sapphire!!!

  2. Miss,
    Please pardon my intrusion. I was perusing blogs when 'Yours' popped up! How nice it is to find someone else from the Tampa area, especially someone with similar eating habits. Your site and your writing are extraordinary! By the way, this dirty martini sounds outstanding...perhaps I'll have one this evening to celebrate the weeks end. I'll toast to you.


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