Sunday, February 21, 2010

Productivity, Interrupted.

Returning from vacation with a cold and list of mandatory work functions created a chore-filled Saturday.  I tossed on some sweats, made oatmeal and hot tea, and opened every window in the house.  It was chilly, but I was heated with motivation -  I was on it.

I was cruising through my list like a girl on a mission, multi-tasking the fun amongst the unfun.  Laundry, dishes, and a side of sweet tunes.  And then... a curve ball to my productive day - a text.

It's impossible to turn down an outdoor drink when spring weather is impatiently peeking at you in February.  So we marched to Wine Exchange, decided to make it a bottle kind of day, and ordered the ahi tuna.  I prefer my tuna with wasabi and soy, but surprisingly, the carmelized onions stole my vote for best supporting side.

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