Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family, Holiday & Tammy-isms

And there we were, full bellied and wrapping up 2009, charading our most memorable moments and creating moments for the years ahead. With tag lines such as "I hate babies, they annoy me" and running full force to the pie table only to be interrupted by a sliding glass door (twice), Nicholas, my three year old cousin, was the heart of our laughter this year. And these moments will be added to the vault in which we'll so naturally re-open the next time we gather.

You could call them the star, or the center of attention, but there's one person each year that is single handedly teased the most. I'd be willing to bet that Tammy, my mom, has unintentionally assumed this role more often than not. And herein lies the creation of "Tammy-isms" - flighty acts and questionable words of wisdom.

I won't get into the flighty acts. But as far as questionable words of wisdom go, I've never actually gone out of my way to prove or dis-prove them. And they aren't SO lofty, as I've found myself repeating them as fact. So today I will repeat them again, but this time with a blurb of back-up.

Tammy-ism #1 - Water Cures Your Aches
Confimed: Dehydration is the leading cause of headaches. Muscle aches and cramps can also be caused by dehydration.

Tammy-ism #2 - Cheez Kills Friendly Flora
Confirmed: Any inorganic food you eat is packed with antibiotics, which destroy the good bacteria in your intestinal tract.

Tammy-ism #3 - Sugar Supresses Your Immune System
Confirmed: Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease.

Conclusion: Keeping Tammy-isms in your thoughts might be the the perfect mind-set as we begin a near year.

Happy 2010!

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