Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Expectations

Regarding food, my passion has always been in the known.  If I like a certain restaurant plate, I’ll order it every time.  If I've already found enjoyment in a recipe, I’ll serve it to a guest.  I’ve even gone as far as knowing every restaurant I’ll attend while on vacation, and knowing what I’ll order when I get there.  Twenty ten will be different.

Mid-February may be a bit late for a new year’s resolution, but it’s not too late.  After all, what would be the point in setting a pointless goal?  So this year I plan on being adventurous in my kitchen and your table alike.

Being vocally un-fond of tomatoes and having a newly acquired love of mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and portobellos have rarely, if ever, found a spot in my kitchen.  But tonight I was determined to venture recipe free in unchartered vegetable territory.  And I did.  But my spinach, sundried tomato, and goat cheese stuffed portobello creation was like earning a “B” on your report card – it was good, probably acceptable to others, but you know you can do better.
I know this dish has potential and will let you know when I’ve come up with “A” material!

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