Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mid-Day Escape

I am fortunate to be able to come home daily for lunch.  Most of the time, I re-heat my leftovers from the previous night.  But with spring creeping in, I was in the mood for something fresh.

I've had this sandwich in the back on my mind since hitting up the airport Starbucks a couple weeks back.  Don't get me wrong, theirs was good, but I knew I could bedazzle it and make it mine.  I subbed sprouted wheat toast, nitrate-free turkey, baby spinach, honey mustard vinaigrette, and goat cheese.  So...  I modified pretty much everything but the cuke.  It's a safe bet that I'll be eating this exact sandwich for lunch this week until I'm forced to make the vegetarian version because I've run out of turkey.

To satisfy my dessert tummy, which on a rare occasion is full, I ate the leftover "Avocado Chocolate Mousse" from last night's feast.


  1. oh my GOODNESS this looks delicious - which is strange because I dislike cucumbers, haha. That definitely says something very highly of your photography :)

  2. Looks so delicious! I think I'll be making something similar this week :)


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