Monday, February 22, 2010

Is that Gak?

Your face will cringe before your first sip.  You'll mentally prepare yourself for the grossest green gulp of your life.  You're nervous, it's weird, you feel like a contestant on Fear Factor.  After you muster up the courage to drink?  Apples.  All you taste is apple.  And I describe this to everyone I "con" into drinking this concoction, but they don't believe me until after their first sip.  It's a guaranteed "I told you so".   

Green Smoothie:
1 Apple
2 Kale Stalks
1 Handful of Grapes
1/2 Cucumber
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Ice

I deviated from my usual formula and added avocado to the first batch.  Mistake!  You couldn't taste the avocado, but it turned the texture into something that resembled Gak.

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