Sunday, January 3, 2010

Barley & Eggplant, Oh My!

To aid in sticking with my "high fiber, low glycemic index, minimal animal, minimal wheat" diet, I've created a meal plan for the first week of twenty ten. I spent entirely too much time, especially for a Saturday night, picking out recipes, downloading a blackberry shopping list app, and then using the app for my lengthy grocery list. My shopping cart was nothing short of beautiful - I could feel envious eyes wandering from carts filled with processed cardboard to my cart filled with lush produce. And even if that image was all in my head, I loved it just the same.

Oh what a dish, my first home cooked meal of the new year: Barley Basilico and Garlic Eggplant from "The Flexitarian Diet" cookbook. It was refreshing, hearty, and uncomplicated. I must add that I thoroughly enjoy simple meals, meals where you can understand the purpose of each ingredient in your first few bites. This meal was not only pleasant to the buds, but fulfilled the fundamental plan (as you can see below).


  1. This sounds yummy Kristin... thanks for sharing.

  2. I saw uncooked barley at Central Market and it reminded me of this post, so I'm trying this recipe tonight!


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