Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grass Roots

Tampa is what it is, and after returning home from a year in Dallas, I appreciate the "is".  I've never doubted my seemingly lacking city in the food quality department.  And even if you gave me a choice between a Tampa and Dallas restaurant, I'd probably choose Tampa 95% of the time.  Yes, really.  But the other 5%?  My heart aches for Spiral DinerCosmic Cafe, and Bliss Raw Cafe.

The only place here that compares in fashion forwardness is Grass Roots.  And it's not just good because of it's lone soldierism, it ranks nicely in my theoretical Tampa vs. Dallas game.

I ordered "Sabrina's Favorite Sandwich" for lunch - raw onion "bread" with raw hummus, avocado, sprouts, lettuce and sheeze.  It seems as though faux cheese and I have a special relationship these days.  Interesting.  But back to the dish, 100% raw and 150% delicious!  The raw onion bread even sparked an interest in adding a food dehydrator to my extensively unnecessary food appliance collection.


  1. I live right down the street from Grass Roots and have never been. Hmm...thinking about lunch today. KV--love your writing style.

  2. Dear Foodfashmtsfunc, I have not tried Sabrinas favorite sandwich but if you say its 150% delicious, I would definitely give it a try. Your site was such a pleasure to visit. Well presented, clean, clear and beautiful photos. I shall be returning for another delicious bite. Thank you for sharing,
    Cheers, Gaby
    You can visit me at

  3. Cute blog, Kristin!
    Have you been to Vitals Bakery on North Florida yet? I just found it 2 weeks ago and it's pretty stinking fantastic.


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