Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All Hail Kale

With 206 %DV of Vitamin A, 134 %DV of Vitamin C, and 684 %DV of Vitamin K per serving - kale's got it going on as far as veggies are concerned. If you're a spinach lover like me, you might consider swapping out your current leafy goodness for this powerhouse green.

Rushing to toss kale in your next super salad may be a bit of a disappointment; however, adding steamed/boiled kale to pastas and raw kale to smoothies will give you the tasty, nutritional boost you're looking for. Beware of its less than satisfactory fridge life, even though sources claim that it's none the worse for freezing.

The recipe pictured above, "Pasta with Greens", can be found at vegetariantimes.com. Follow my lead and toss the milk, leave the food processor in the cabinet, and replace spaghetti with quinoa elbows for an even healthier fare.

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