Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kabobs and College

 This week's game night, Kabobs and College, was a tribute to plunging into adulthood.  I'm about to run full force into 27 and figured I'd bravely attend with an 813 identifier.  I could tell the swap affected more than me as it was significant (or shocking) enough to be suggested as a dinner dedication.  We ran with it.

Each guest arrived wearing their favorite (or most readily available) college tee, something to grill, and something to ice.  And as I looked around, I witnessed much more than the obvious greatness of our group, I witnessed the grown up-ness of our group.

Although hamburger and natty light college staples were present, the grill was dominated by veggie kabobs, fish fillets, and Boca burgers.  We even passed on the previously proposed card games to gather around the TV, watch the NFL draft, and patiently await Tebow's placement.  Simply put, tonight was a 'bommin' success!

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  1. Just found your site on FoodBuzz and am glad to be following along!


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