Monday, March 8, 2010

The Grocery Binge

I had high hopes for dinner tonight.  I made a list and purchased every item on it, with only a few impulsive extras.  And then my first mistake happened...  I cracked open my Hapi Mix.  I cracked open the darn mix before I even put the car in drive.

The next mistake happened as I was unpacking my sacks.  It doesn't take a betting man to predict I would crave a bite of every single one of my impulse purchases - reason number 576 why an impulse purchase at the grocery store is a bad decision.  And it was as I picked up my sweet snack that I decided the stir fry I intended on making tonight could wait until tomorrow.   

It turned out to be only a mini bad decision as Attune Bars are only 90 calories and have five times the amount of live active cultures as yogurt.  I popped a veggie burger in the toaster oven, scarfed my sweetness, and embraced my Monday night badness.

See you tomorrow night stir fry!

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