Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Torture and Triumph of Cleansing

You either hate or love/hate cleansing. I'm a love/hater. But to me, cleansing is the perfect way to jump start a diet.

I've tried a few cleanses and the one that keeps me coming back is The Ultimate Fasting Cleanse. The title itself is intimidating. And the thought of me, the hungriest girl ever, not eating for five days is nothing short of laughable. But if you can make it past the first day, I assure you it's do-able. Of course you'll have to overcome the urge of binge eating every ounce of food within eyeshot for a good 12 hours. And you'll feel like every conversation, TV show, and song played is centered around food. But it all becomes worth it after Day 2, when you start to feel clear, energized, and motivated.

By Day 5, your mind regresses to Day 1. You start negotiating with yourself, justifying how much harm one little raisin will do. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cheat on the 5th day every time. But in my non-expert opinion, I feel as though 4 solid days of cleansing is sufficient.

Let's revisit the excitement over a raisin. Not just the raisin itself, but the act of chewing the raisin. What a treat! And this my friends is why cleansing is the perfect kick off to your dieting party. On day 5, you aren't itching to go through a Mcdonald's drive through, rather you're excited about food in general - any food, healthy food, the food on your fitness plan. It also doesn't hurt that you've most likely already dropped 5 lbs and enjoy the feeling of an easy zipper on your skinniest jeans.

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  1. KV and I use to live at the Melting Pot almost everyone day in college. I have no idea how we weren't 500lbs or how we afforded it. So I can assure you, we ate non-stop!!!

    I tried this cleanse which was recommended to me by KV. She's right, the third day is the best day. It does get easier and easer, but I made the fatal mistake of eating a wicked unheathly first meal! Regret, Regret, Regret!!! Stick to what KV says, starting your healthy diet immediately after is the perfect way to go!


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