Thursday, December 17, 2009


Introducing me - a twenty-six year old, fit yet perpetually "dieting gal". I realize this describes approximately 90 percent of female generation y-ers; however there are a few things that distinguish me from the others. Of most importance? My willingness to document my quirky behavior.

I've unintentionally been on the diet train since scrunchies and spandex were cool. Items that were forbidden in my house? Soda, artificial anything, and anything consisting white flour are the first things that come to mind. Yes, I was the nerdy little nugget that critiqued lunches that didn't meet these standards, lunches that I would secretly admire as I'd eat my natural peanut butter and all fruit jelly sandwiches on soggy, whole grain bread. So this is the foundation upon which I was built. The foundation that would take me approximately 22 years to be so incredibly proud of and thankful for.

The purpose of Food: Fashion Meets Function is not to have a venue for passing judgement, but rather a place to share the findings of my compulsive, extensive, and unofficial "research". It's also highly likely that this is my solution to avoid being the cause of the glazed over look in my friends, family, and co-workers' eyes when I talk about food.

I'm not a nutritionist. I have no scientific background. I have no credibility whatsoever. What I do have? An extreme passion for being healthy - feeling my best now and making sure that I continue to feel my best until I'm feeding my great-grandchildren natural peanut butter and all fruit sandwiches on soggy, whole grain bread.

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