Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Got Fed

Although passing by granola place after veggie place after grassy place gave me a sense of being, I had a different mission during my Austin vacation.  The only important task on my agenda was checking out the food project a friend of mine has been slaving over for quite some time now: The Shed.  If only all "important tasks" could be so un-task-like. 
We ordered the full spectrum of the Mohawk location offerings: pulled pork sandwich, brisket sandwich, and for me?  Well, it's never that simple.  A BBQ and bread combo has never been my fancy, so The Shedders whipped up something along the lines of a pulled pork sundae.  Y-U-M!  Pulled pork in Texas is a rarity in itself, and combined with a sauce from the gods themselves?  BBQ treasure.
If ridiculously tasty BBQ and a hip venue are up your alley, you should probably get yourself fed at The Shed too!

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