Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh No?

Wanting to love something and actually loving it are often disconnected.  As we approached 230 Forest Avenue, it was a place I wanted to love.  The scene was quaint, well styled, well lit, and perfectly packed.  If I could pick one restaurant style that defined me, this would be it - high expectations were instantaneous.

I ordered my favorites, the steamed mussels (and clams) appetizer and Chilean sea bass entrée.  And as I waited for the food to arrive, I wondered if I would soon hit a rock wall of disappointment.  A feeling of ‘oh no!’ rushed over me.

It was a false ‘oh no’ as I was definitely not disappointed.  In fact, there was no room for disappointment between the two complete packages of inner and outer beauty that found their way to my table last night.  Even though 230 Forest Avenue is a little far from home, I am positive it will remain highly ranked on my list of all time favorites! 

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